Bunky Mar
Innovative Gift & Decorative Accessories, Product Design & Development 

Product Lines:

NEW! MY SCENTIMENTS- Handmade, scented greeting cards...for all occasions
IT JUST MAKES SCENTS- Handmade, scented stretch bracelets for your wrist, hair or use in your car or room as a freshener
~ Scented Room Fresheners that can double as a Bath Fizzy/ Shower Scrub, they look so real, but are solid & made with natural ingredients…comes with fragrance refills
PUPPY LOVE TOWEL PALS- Handcrafted towel pals from full sized wash cloths!
EYELICIOUS! Hand embellished 100% UV frames, with Swarovski crystals, and whimsical accents & formed flowers, beautifully packaged in oval tin containers...



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